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Full Version: Hello World!
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Welcome, introduce yourself!
Hi all

Glen here from Folkestone in Kent, I run Kent's only EMOM called Controlled Voltage. Held on the first Wednesday of every month at "The Chambers" in Folkestone.
Looking forward to connecting with you all.

May your Oscillators be phat! (",)

I'm Dave Procter, formally of Leeds, but now in Skoghall in western Sweden. We have a collective called SEMF over here and will try and sort things out once Covid is less problematic. 

Hope to get to and perform at any EMOMs on my rare trips to the UK :-)

Welcome one and all.
Hi, I make music akin to early Boards of Canada and Autechre. I run the Norwich EMOM and host VEMOM from time to time.
Hi all

Rocky here from Stockport... just off Manchester, You know me in the EMOMs as The Night Passenger and the Panda.
Hey everyone - just found out about this through VEMOM #25. I play primarily modular synths (live/improvised) and have played at 3 EMOMS and a couple of VEMOMS. Thanks to everyone involved in EMOM generally and for setting up this site - the community is awesome!
Hello everyone, just having a go on this super resource Barry has created. It's a Friday morning in West Yorkshire and I'm waiting for an engineer to come to fix the tumble drier Smile
Hello everyone it's Gordon from Norwich Norfolk  just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi Smile
Hi All - I'm Lee from Sussex - I used to be in a band years ago - and have noodled with various instruments and software since. My latest passion is VCV rack - (a virtual modular synth emulator) and i've also been exploring the tiny Posket Operators from Teenage Engineering.
i've just discovered this website and am looking forward to a meet up in Brighton sometime soon.