The recent Newcastle EMOM took place at the community venue Star and Shadow Cinema. It was an outstanding night with a diverse range of experimental, dance, noise and lyrical/poetic pieces. It was organised by James O Caoimh, who had been inspired by the York EMOM events to bring the night to the North East.

The evening began with a film called 'Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey' which told the story of the pioneering inventor, Leon Theremin, and also the musicians involved in the early days of its development. As a young man, Robert Moog also began building theremins in the 1950s and also sold theremin kits. So it can be argued that the theremin kicked off the evolution of electronic music itself.

Out of the cinema space and into a neat, volunteer created music venue of medium capacity and the night got off to a cracking start with a building experimental piece followed by some modular and then my good self performing some sung spoken word. Have to say the audience were lovely and all artists/musicians got a great reception. Shirley Mann and Leroy McSex provided a stunning set, as did James at the end of the night. Add into the mix some techno and dance music and Newcastle truly delivered. 

In truth, we drank the bar dry, listened to some incredible sounds and had a real social night. What more can you ask for?

Martin Christie