There’s an experimental musician called Glyn, who goes by the name of FFRWD, running round the stage with an inflated rubber glove and a bell shouting ‘I’m a cow! I’m a cow!’ There is a wonderful set from London and Bristol based artist Ymi Lykthat, who describes her music as nitty gritty homemade bass in your face girl power – a much better description than I could come up with. There are the rantings of the electro punk duo BJs who know a thing or two about how to energise and lift a room. And there are the techno-esque beats brought to a space full of electronic music fans by Hector Hernandez aka Hektagon. Added to this there are modular and experimental sets, suitcases and keyboard stands piled high with wires, and noises you’ve never heard before, and very likely won’t hear again.

I’m at We All Play Synth, the Bristol branch of the EMOM nights, and it’s an astoundingly vibrant and busy night of electronic diversity. This one is organised and run jointly by James and Chris, who also play as synth duo Phoenix-Flare. Bless them they didn’t get a chance to play though on this night due to the popularity of the event, a runaway success by the looks of it.

Bristol has always had a great reputation for music making and electronic music has often been at the heart of it. But the beauty of these nights is that anything goes based on the imaginations and creativity of those who wish to step into the limelight. You simply don’t know what to expect and it’s great that you get performers from all backgrounds and ages having a go.

There’s another nice touch too in that each performance is filmed and projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage. This means the audience also get to see what the button pushers and nob twiddlers are doing up close and personal. For my own set I utilised the camera to show off playing a kaossilator on my back – like lead guitarists used to do. Though to be honest, I got a bit of a shock when I turned round to see a giant version of myself looking back at me like honey I shrunk the kids.

I had a great time down at We All Play Synth and met a shed load of interesting folks. I’d recommend this night to anyone who would like to try out their music in a welcoming environment. The next one is on 17 May 2019 at The Greenbank Pub in Easton, Bristol.