I was last at a Hull EMOM night in March 2018 and already over a year of electronic music making and travels had flown by. Since then the night had become a regular thing under the perfect stewardship of Graham Fialkiewicz (Feasibility Study, Bloom). The night, now known as Electro Garden, takes place as a monthly event at a neat little venue called Union Mash Up on Princes Avenue.

Based on the night I ran in 2018 and other nights I’ve been to in Hull I’d always got this impression that it was one of those cities that had its own unique thing going on.  There appeared to be a particular interest in experimental and industrial music, avant-garde approaches and styles seemed common place here. I might be wrong, because these days music travels and one city becomes very much like another in terms of what people create. But I liked to think of the musicians of Hull making things up for themselves and doing their own thing out there in East Yorkshire.

I’d made up my mind to get back to Graham’s night as soon as I could and when a suitable date came up I was on it. As good luck would have it I also discovered that local (to me) electronic music and EMOM enthusiasts Robert Also Dexta Baxter and Jim Mckercher were available for the journey so we turned the night into a bit of a road trip.

It was well worth the journey and Electro Garden included a wide range of electronic and experimental music making talent from the likes of AppleMax (pictured above), naesk (pictured below), Bloom, Poet & the Loops (ahem), DJ £4.89 and DJ AUTOCORRECT (that’s Robert and Jim btw), GearJay (all the way from Holland) and Rob Moses.

I loved everything on offer music wise with a particular liking for the sounds of Hull based AppleMax who describes his music as '8 bit ska punk jungle disco ambient psychedelia'. Rob Moses also supplied an uplifting and joyous set.

A friendly night and well worth a visit for anyone (who has read this far) and is thinking of trying their electronic hand in Hull.